— hungerUnder the banner, Project Five Loaves and Two Fish, CNBC provides technical assistance to help build the capacity of feeding programs operated by our affiliated churches   The Biblical foundation for this program is grounded in Jesus’ compassion and love for his hungry followers who had not eaten for several days and Jesus was moved with compassion for them for their need to be fed. Jesus could not bear to see them suffer by sending them away. Jesus’ moral disposition was not swayed by his disciples’ concern to wipe their hands clean of the situation. Jesus takes five loaves of bread and two fish and looks up to heaven. He prays and gives thanks. He breaks them into pieces and gives them to His disciples. The disciples disseminated the pieces to thousands of people. Miraculously, they fed everyone.  It is relevant to emphasize that Jesus’ miracle to feed the multitude is through the agency of His disciples. The disciples participated in this miracle through their trust and faith in Jesus.

—  CNBC believes that our work in addressing the crisis of hunger in America is a small but significant step in satisfying the physical and spiritual hunger of God’s people. Through Jesus’ example to provide His disciples the tools they need to have faith in Him, CNBC believes it has a moral mandate to assist congregations in feeding and providing nutritious meals for those who are hungry in the respective communities as Disciples of Christ.