Health Initiative


  • cnbc_pic7CNBC’s health initiative is focused on eliminating health disparities in African American communities.  African Americans experience higher rates of stress, illness and death from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, cancer, infant mortality, hepatitis B, asthma, tuberculosis, overweight and obesity than the rest of the U. S. population.  In addition, Black people are also disproportionately affected by a high mortality rate from trauma and violence.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has stated:  “For Blacks in the United States, health disparities can mean earlier deaths, decreased quality of life, loss of economic opportunities, and perceptions of injustice.”


  • The CNBC health initiative addresses these alarming facts by building upon the work already started by many of our denominations, congregations, and our community partners.  We collaborate with selected partners, organizations and corporations that support the mission, vision, and goals of our organization.


  • We are building collaborative relationships to produce educational and training programs that meet the unique needs of our constituents. We are institutionally focused on developing a world class culturally appropriate initiative under the leadership of the Black Church.  Our program targets health education, disease prevention, community empowerment, advocacy and access to service.