Social Justice/Public Policy

youthriskThe CNBC vision of social justice encompasses all of the major arenas of public life.  This includes the pursuit of justice in the political, cultural, and economic realms.  According to this vision, economic concerns cannot be separated from the broader pursuit of social justice.  We therefore take economic justice as a prioritized area of action.  CNBC proposes a four-part strategy for the involvement of its member congregations in the restoration of peace and promise in our local communities.  Specifically, we will advocate, promote and support the establishment of 1) anti-violence initiatives and 2) voter education for African Americans.  In each of these efforts, service and justice will go hand in hand.  To this end, CNBC will not only coordinate vital activist training for local church leaders and congregants, but will also educate people about the connections between local community problems and the larger structures of inequality that perpetuate local desperation.  Each of these efforts will also involve the collection of best practices from member congregations that already operate such programs.  We will add these best practices to CNBC’s centralized training resources, so that they can be disseminated widely among our membership.  Our training will also include sections on how to secure funding for programs from public and private sources.  Finally, each program will begin by helping congregations build networks of collaboration with other local institutions such as schools, social service agencies, public administrations, and law enforcement agencies.